-Chris Ramey 

The first time I met Amrita 
She magically appeared in my lap 
Like a water nymph bikini genie     
Awoken from a really long nap 

She proceeded to reveal her secret fountain 
Introduced me to her…


You Don't Have To Ask  

Only played in 1966, this jangly anthem is a bit lofty in delivery and arrangement but it shows primal Dead with no brakes, balls out. Nice paragraph about the tune AKA "Otis On A Shakedown Cruise" on Pitchfork. This…



Jesse Fuller was an amazing character and musician. I happened upon this TV clip showcasing Jesse's music and life:

The Dead played BIODTL over 300 times. I based this version on the one from the Avalon 5/19/1966 show:


You See A Broken Heart 

I see this as the Dead diving into frat rock boogie. It seems like everything Pigpen touched turned funky in the best way. I left room on the track for my buddy Ollie to lay down some keys. Let me…


I Know You Rider 

Great songs are like their own universes. They are always playing somewhere. "I Know You Rider" is such a song. Pulled from the folk catalog like "Cold Rain and Snow," the Dead played various arrangements of it over their career…


Cold Rain and Snow

I've been playing clawhammer banjo for quite a while. I am playing more longneck banjo lately and decided to work out a version of "Cold Rain and Snow," but not the familiar Dead version. Obray Ramsey has a beautiful version…

Done Broke Blues 

I have been studying Slim Harpo's style and wanted to experiment with different measures and beats. I ended up with this eight bar blues structure that loops on itself. It's grown on me. This is my first harmonica track. Enjoy!

Give 'N Get - Instrumental Demo 

Wow. It's been two and a half years since I posted on my blog here. The shame.
I was perusing some old files on my computer and found demos I created back in '98 when I came back to WV…

Thank You, Pete Seeger! 

I recently bought a longneck banjo.  I became unreasonably fascinated with playing banjo in a lower register, and Pete Seeger, of course, is the originator of such a beast.  "Beast" is not a word I throw around easily.  This is…