"Shine" from NedFest 2013 

Here's the first tune from Danny Shafer and the 21st Century's NedFest 8-24-2013 set, Danny's original "Shine."  "That car you're drivin ain't no big deal. It's got four tires and a steering wheel, just like mine."  Turns out I missed my 1989 Ford Ranger so much I ended up buying another one, this time an extended bed XLT Lariat with rusty black ladder racks and "peace, love and tatas" stickers.   I'm hoping I can get it to pass the CO emissions test.  It's failed six times since April.  Maybe next time will be a charm...[sigh]

Do you have a favorite old car?  Got a memory to share?

If you like this version of "Shine," please visit Danny's website HERE and get a copy of the studio version of "Shine." 

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