Give 'N Get - Instrumental Demo 

Wow. It's been two and a half years since I posted on my blog here. The shame.
I was perusing some old files on my computer and found demos I created back in '98 when I came back to WV from Tokyo. I borrowed my buddy Tom Batchelor's synthesizer/sequencer and got some backing tracks laid down. I dumped the sequencer tracks to an old cassette 4-track for the guitar overdubs.  I eventually sold that four-track to Billy Sheeder before moving to NM.
I still like this tune "Give 'N Get" for its positive message and for some of the production effects I went for on the demo.  I actually flipped the cassette tape over and laid down the guitar solo over the track backwards, with some interesting results. I also threw in a dub section with bass swells and echo'd guitar near the end.
There's a bit of hiss from the low-fi production but I think the spirit of the tune shines through.
Let me know what you think.
Here's what I looked like about 18 years ago. :)

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