New DS21C live tracks from NedFest 2013! 

The 21st Century had a great time performing at NedFest 2013.  Danny's played every single one - that's 15 NedFests in a row!  He told us during the show that he's finally driving a car from that year.  "It's getting better every year!"  I was able to record audio and video and can tell you this is one of the best sounding live recordings we've made, mostly due to master Pete Fiori's soundboard mix.  The band got to hang out after our set and catch some stellar music from The Congress, Jaden Carlson and Euforquestra.  Danny, of course, had to hightail it to another gig. 

I hope you enjoy our version of "Steel Guitar Rag."  I'll be posting more tracks as time permits.  Check out Danny's website and the new release "Wherever You Are."

Go see live music!

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