Thank You, Pete Seeger! 

I recently bought a longneck banjo.  I became unreasonably fascinated with playing banjo in a lower register, and Pete Seeger, of course, is the originator of such a beast.  "Beast" is not a word I throw around easily.  This is a 1964 Gibson RB-175.  1964.  The same year as the Civil Rights Act.  Fifty years ago!  I took it to Woodsongs Lutherie and John said he is normally kind of ho-hum about longnecks, but this one was fun to set up.  I've been pounding on it for a couple of weeks and my left arm wants to fall off at the shoulder.  It sounds like a longneck should, in my mind, anyway.  I'm nuts, though.  Let me know what you think.  About anything.
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Thank you, Pete Seeger!

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