© 1995 Pushkin, Ramey

Joint Chiefs:

Mike Pushkin - lead vocals, guitar
Chris Ramey - lead guitar, vocals
Elisha Sadler - bass, vocals,
Glenn Perlroth - keyboards
David Loyd - keyboards, vocals
JoLoyd - drums, vocals
D McDonald - vocals, percussion

John Kessler - sub-bass



Strip Mine - Joint Chiefs
(© 1995 Pushkin, Ramey)

Deep fried like a snake out on the highway
Hog tied like a sow bent in the sty
Free ride every coal truck passin my way
No one ever ever wonders why

Brake line keep an eye out for tomorrow
Keep one foot on yesterday
Red line beg steal or borrow
Gold mine but they say crime never pay
But it do

Big crane rip the top right off a mountain
Big drain pours the cancer in the creek
Red stain on a pristine drinking fountain
Insane I'm so angry I can't speak
But I do

Strip mine rip the heart right out of mother
Mudslide gonna wash it all away
Rewind if I had my druthers
Mankind wouldn't have to pave his way