© 1992 Pushkin, Ramey

Jolly Gargoyle:

Gregg Lowley - drums
Mike Pushkin - lead vocals, guitar
Chris Ramey - lead guitar, 12-string acoustic, banjo, mandolin, vocals
Matt Voth - bass, vocals



The Pontiff - Jolly Gargoyle
(© 1992 Pushkin, Ramey)

Well they set upon a butterfly
At the apex of his flight
Nailed his wings up to a board
Shoved him out of sight
Was it cause the evidence
Branded wings of many colors
Was it cause he chose to fly
So much higher than the others
I think I know the reason
They tried to rob him from our eyes
It's been said that in his midst (?)
Some have even grown wise

Do you remember when his life was on
And the air filled the breeze
Until that night when they made fly
His wings were searched and seized
Since then no one's heard or seen of him
Fast four was a friend (?)
No one cares they just stop and stare
Await the newest trend
They hate him and they love him and
They hate him once again
Ain't no such thing as hateless love
Nobody's free from sin

Ain't it strange how things have changed
Since his mane has been estranged
Rearranged our home with rage
Restrained him with the page
You know it pains me to my heart
To watch it all just fall apart
Shoulda known right from the start
Shoulda checked the weather chart
One day we're gonna see the sun
When they let that pony run
Maybe in twenty o one
Maybe in twenty o one