© 1995 Sadler, Loyd

Joint Chiefs:

Mike Pushkin - vocals, guitar
Chris Ramey - lead guitar, vocals
Elisha Sadler - bass, lead vocals,
Glenn Perlroth - keyboards
David Loyd - keyboards, lead vocals
JoLoyd - drums, vocals
D McDonald - vocals, percussion

Sevi Aguilar - vocals



Doo-Doo Chasers - Joint Chiefs
(© 1995 Sadler, Loyd)

Jump bump

Yo check it
A mass amount of respect
The heredit
That's locked into your genes
Yeah like your grandma
Cookin a pot of them greens
My people wasn't having no mess up
From outta me
So like them
I ain't havin it
Outta me
Or outta nobody
That's with me
I'm a chaser

Jump bump
Doo-doo chaser

Jump bump

Doo-doo chaser
As I met ya
Bless the Creator
Cause he sent ya
Tell the people
What they need to hear
Tell a pure message
Simple and clear

Jumpin bumpin
Doo-doo chaser
In your face-a

Jumpin bumpin
Doo-doo chaser

Get on up
We mean you no harm
We're here to set you free

Bump jump

Yeah you heard it here first
Somethin's 'bout to happen for the universe
I'm pickin up a frequency
A vibration in time and place
There's a space
For the extra
The ordinary texture has change
And it's about to get strange

In my futile contemplation
Of this messed up racist nation
There's illogic cumulation
Of doo-doo
I see it and I know you do
Chase the doo-doo away
So a mug can finally play
Without a fear of some kind of stain
On my brain
From the system

Get your butt up outta the bed
There's some people out there
That need to be fed
Our own
And it's about time
The homeless situation's
Getting way outta line
Don't fall cuz
Cause it ain't over yet
But it is time to pray
You know the way
You know the deal
You know my words are real

Jump bump
Jump bump
Jump bump
Jump bump

Doo-doo chaser
In your facer