© 1992 Pushkin, Voth, Ramey

Jolly Gargoyle:

Gregg Lowley - drums
Mike Pushkin - lead vocals, guitar
Chris Ramey - lead guitar, 12-string acoustic, banjo, mandolin, vocals
Matt Voth - bass, vocals

Joey Johnson - congas



Bake Sale - Jolly Gargoyle
(© 1992 Pushkin, Voth, Ramey)

Good God thought it a little odd
All the grass a'bein thrown for sod
Overtight using oversights
You got imperial colony home denied
Overcome by constant hum
The people of the planet went blind deaf and dumb
Overcame but it's not the same
Know we've only been taught to shift the blame

Pork chop hear the gristle pop
Just enough flavor to make your heart stop
Good news ain' got nothing to lose
Keep a stiff upper lip and your head in booze

Tore up morally bankrupt
Can't get a job 'til I piss in a cup
Drug war way off on the poor
They're gonna wipe out the system
While the problem's ignored
Don't boast 'bout burning your toast
Picking out the nits from coast from coast
Rawhide cry glad genocide
Don't break your neck and swallow your pride