1. From My View

© 1992 Ramey, Voth

Jolly Gargoyle:

Gregg Lowley - drums
Mike Pushkin - vocals, guitar
Chris Ramey - lead guitar, 12-string acoustic, banjo, mandolin, lead vocals
Matt Voth - bass, vocals



From My View - Jolly Gargoyle
(© 1992 Ramey, Voth)

Whatever can anyone say
To change anyone else's mind
When anyone can see anything
Then anyone else is blind
What good is a could've when
There's only been and was and then
We're never what we used to be
Even when we know just where we've been

Strangers can know everything
There's to know about the other
And old friends can fall on a different path
And forget about the other
I don't question your answers
I got the map to the place you're going
You haven't answered my question though
Cause your mind's too busy blowin

Got to drink the water you know that you do
Got to learn your lessons and let 'em run through
Life is not all what you think I thought you'd see too
But I watch you wanderin all around and fadin
From my view

No one ever said that you would get your share
So don't act like a victim cause life just doesn't care
Quick turn away and I wonder what makes it why
A soul that matches mine could just give up give up
Drift away and die