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"Ramey’s background brings the funk — and the reggae."
- Steve Weishampel, Boulder Weekly

"Chris is a talented guitarist, pedal steel guitarist and clawhammer banjoist."
David McIntyre, Lyons Recorder



Christmas Time Is Here  

This track is for my family and friends and especially my buddy Ollie.

“Christmas Time Is Here” by Vince Guaraldi and Lee Mendelson


-Chris Ramey 

The first time I met Amrita 
She magically appeared in my lap 
Like a water nymph bikini genie     
Awoken from a really long nap 

She proceeded to reveal her secret fountain 
Introduced me to her phenomenon 
I got a close-up tour of how she made her du jour 
And the special switch to turn off and on 

Amrita I love and respect her 
Amrita such a sweet surprise 
Amrita the divine nectar 
Amrita I have been baptised 

My simple mind had never reckoned 
That such a blessing even existed 
I learned…

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You Don't Have To Ask   

Only played in 1966, this jangly anthem is a bit lofty in delivery and arrangement but it shows primal Dead with no brakes, balls out. Nice paragraph about the tune AKA "Otis On A Shakedown Cruise" on Pitchfork. This version is modeled after 7-16-1966

Danny Shafer lent his vocal talents to add some gorgeous harmonies. Maybe I can get Ollie to put down some organ parts.

What do you think? Groovy?

You See A Broken Heart  

I see this as the Dead diving into frat rock boogie. It seems like everything Pigpen touched turned funky in the best way. I left room on the track for my buddy Ollie to lay down some keys. Let me know what you think!