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"Ramey’s background brings the funk — and the reggae."
- Steve Weishampel, Boulder Weekly

"Chris is a talented guitarist, pedal steel guitarist and clawhammer banjoist."
David McIntyre, Lyons Recorder



Done Broke Blues  

I have been studying Slim Harpo's style and wanted to experiment with different measures and beats. I ended up with this eight bar blues structure that loops on itself. It's grown on me. This is my first harmonica track. Enjoy!

Give 'N Get - Instrumental Demo  

Wow. It's been two and a half years since I posted on my blog here. The shame.
I was perusing some old files on my computer and found demos I created back in '98 when I came back to WV from Tokyo. I borrowed my buddy Tom Batchelor's synthesizer/sequencer and got some backing tracks laid down. I dumped the sequencer tracks to an old cassette 4-track for the guitar overdubs.  I eventually sold that four-track to Billy Sheeder before moving to NM.
I still like this tune "Give 'N Get" for its positive message and…Read more

Thank You, Pete Seeger!  

I recently bought a longneck banjo.  I became unreasonably fascinated with playing banjo in a lower register, and Pete Seeger, of course, is the originator of such a beast.  "Beast" is not a word I throw around easily.  This is a 1964 Gibson RB-175.  1964.  The same year as the Civil Rights Act.  Fifty years ago!  I took it to Woodsongs Lutherie and John said he is normally kind of ho-hum about longnecks, but this one was fun to set up.  I've been pounding on it for a couple of weeks and my left arm wants…Read more

"For The Very First Time" from NedFest 2013  

DS21C played at the Gold Hill Inn in Gold Hill, CO, last night.  It was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Gold Hill Firefighters and we were really honored to be entertaining these incredible folks.  Even their kids are brave. Ask Todd. 
Here's a picture of what they fought in 2010, from Michael Bond:

If you ever get a chance to visit the Gold Hill Inn, do it. 
Please check out this track from NedFest 2013, one of Danny's own, "For The Very First Time."  His vocals are extraordinary on this one…Read more

"Shine" from NedFest 2013  

Here's the first tune from Danny Shafer and the 21st Century's NedFest 8-24-2013 set, Danny's original "Shine."  "That car you're drivin ain't no big deal. It's got four tires and a steering wheel, just like mine."  Turns out I missed my 1989 Ford Ranger so much I ended up buying another one, this time an extended bed XLT Lariat with rusty black ladder racks and "peace, love and tatas" stickers.   I'm hoping I can get it to pass the CO emissions test.  It's failed six times since April.  Maybe next time…Read more