Most recently Chris has been involved in studio session work on pedal steel for Paul Stenvig of Beyond Sound Studios in Lyons, CO. A few words from Mr. Stenvig on the project and Chris' contributions thus far:

"I would like to thank Mr. Ramey for his exceptional Pedal Steel Guitar work on a monumental SECRET project. We have been collaborating instrumental melodies for a National Musical Sit-Com that promises to expand the boundaries of Modern Country Music as we now know it.

Chris is the featured melody instrument on a 2 CD release that accompanies the Life Down on the Farm Musical shows. We are attempting to push the envelope of just how Rockin’ music can be produced and still fit tightly into the Country Music genre. Chris is utilizing a 7 guitar amp, 35 speaker “wall of Sound” Miked by an astounding array of top professional condenser mics for what we hope will set new standards of fidelity in record production.

On a personal note, I am a 25 year veteran of profession production and engineering. I find Chris a pleasure to work with and our ideas flow fluidly back and forth with none of the bothersome ego trips that sometimes accompany exceptional musicians, he is a wonderfully professional and pleasant person to create with. He is a major contributing factor in what will soon be a ground breaking TV/CD release.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Stenvig"
Beyond Sound Studios est 1985 (under construction)
Blacksmith Paul Stenvig@:

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